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Quality, service, responsibility
Shang Chen international co., Ltd.
Professional manufacturing EVA / EPE / PE foam board, profile, hot melt adhesive, CNC milling cutter foundry, hand tool liner, tool cart drawer fixed pad, electronic products, boutique packaging lined with foam, judo pads, Jia Jia cushion, swimming floating plate, automotive sheet metal parts sheet angle, a variety of irregular shaped or specified shape of the product manufacturing and wholesale trading business, with professional skills, the best quality, customer service.
Quality, service, responsibility
Shang Chen International Co., Ltd. is located in Taoyuan Arundo Tobacco factory in August 2002 formally mass production, specializing in the production of EVA foam-related products, the company has been committed to the innovation of foam materials and product development to meet the needs of the market, to assist Customers to obtain the necessary market development, the company's greatest contribution to customers is the use of the company's materials or products, so that customers show their unique product value, the successful promotion of market share and profitability, through common with customers Growth, work together to create a win-win situation.
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EVA, EPE, PE in line with the EU REACH, RoHS Directive, PAH regulations